Nowadays cars come with LED lights by default as these lights are most effective in every situation. Due to the High Lumen, Low power Consumption, Long Life Span of these lights, they are widely used. Scroll down to know more about the benefits of high-lumen LED bulbs when driving on the highway.

What are the Benefits of High Lumen LED Bulbs?

The benefits of high-lumen LED bulbs are as follows:

  • Clear Visibility
  • Halogen 3000 Lumen Vs LED 12000 Lumen: LED headlights, unlike halogens, offer a clear view of the road. It has bright luminous light emission which is perfect for any type of road condition. 
  • Energy Efficiency: When it comes to converting electricity into illumination output, LEDs are the most effective bulbs. They can provide a light that is exceptionally brilliant while consuming a lot less energy than halogen or xenon HID bulbs, which is wonderful for the environment and increases the battery's lifespan. LED bulbs actually consume around 60% less energy than halogen lighting and 40% less energy than xenon HID bulbs.
  • Life Time: Of all the automobile bulbs available on the market, LEDs have the longest lifetime. They can endure for 11,000–20,000 miles and even longer, which means they might last for the entire time you own your car.
  • LEDs are not affected from temperature change,fluctuations and high vibrations, which are possible when driving on Indian roads.
  • Generally LED bulbs are water Proof so that they can freely use for Headlights.
  • Safe Night Drive: As LED lights can give a high-lumen effect, they keep you safe during driving at night. The LED headlamp setups in modern cars distribute the light in every direction and also do not cause eye fatigue.


These are some well-acknowledged benefits of high-lumen LED bulbs while driving on highways. Though halogen lights are still available in some budget cars, it is always better to choose LED headlamps to get driving safety and a stylish look under an affordable range simultaneously.